July 25, 2012

Today will be a good day.

Life sometimes takes you by surprise; at 22, I am nowhere near the place I thought I'd be two years ago. I've lived, loved, learned, cried, smiled, and most of all--grown!
            Among my most recent developments, I've come to some very drastic life conclusions:

-As a recent graduate in Social Policy, I'm joining the Peace Corps. It's been a lifelong dream; and I refuse to be a 50-year old woman filled with regret over the dreams I never chased.

My knight

-I've found the love of my life, and our relationship sure does have its ups and downs. Yet throughout it all, I've never had this kind of mutual respect and companionship before. It is truly rewarding.

Momma and Poppa Layne

-I am now coming into my own; I've lived on my own (encompassing the dependence upon Ramen noodles and poor life choices) and am now living back with my parents.

Grandma and Grandpa Layne

-That being said, my new lifestyle is definitely an adjustment. I'm not saying it's easy, and we maintain our fair share of fights.

The older but younger sister, Sarah: the free-spirit who helps to give me wings

My adoringly loveable older sister, Sallie; full of wise advise and silly faces

-However, if college has taught me nothing else--it has reminded me that family is truly the most important thing a person can have. Legal definitions aside, whether related by blood, law, faith, or mutual understanding--family is something you can always rely on. Never forget it.

Da' crew: they make my life go 'round.

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