August 20, 2012

Let us toast...

Let us toast to animal pleasures, to escapism, to rain on the roof and instant coffee, to unemployment insurance and library cards, to absinthe and good-hearted landlords, to music and warm bodies and contraceptives... and to the "good life", whatever it is and wherever it happens to be.
   - Hunter S. Thompson 

Everyone has those people in your life: encouraging the endless hysteria, attentiveness to all your pointless stories, memories full of inside jokes, and deep down in the crevasses of your soul--the parts of your life you cannot live without.

And it is with great pleasure that I am able to convince such characters to be a part of my life on a regular basis. I don't see them very often anymore, but when I do, we tend to act as if we were never apart.

introductions will be brief; God knows I cannot easily translate their influence into words.


Stephanie, aka Magoober:

  I wouldn't be able to start from any other point; not only because she IS my best friend, but it's more of like a soul-sister type deal here. It started in daycare, and we've been attached ever since.

Once college began, she was my home away from home. 
She endured my breakdowns, embraced my shenanigans, and cured my heartaches

We promised to write a book about our lives someday; I hope that's a pact we keep.

Now that she has found her own adult life, I find myself missing her constantly. 


But in reality, I know that she will never leave me. 
So much of her has been instilled within me; and for that, I am eternally grateful.


Michael 'Parmesan'  Parmelee:

This bundle of joy is my boy, Mikey. He's been my main squeeze since about 7th grade; more specifically--me thinking he's the bee's knees, of course.  


He entrusted me with a very special secret the year before we entered high school, and we were bonded there forth, indefinitely.  

Beyond his dashing good looks and charming smile, he is the smartest person I know. 

He is strong in his beliefs, but always strives to expand his understanding on the most complex issues. 


His ability to diffuse the most difficult concepts is astonishing, and I feel a better person--simply from being in his presence.


Kelly & Alyse: 2/3 of the Trio:

These two girls made my high school years complete. Together, we called ourselves the 'Trio'; and for good reason.

Our parents rarely saw us individually. We napped together, ate dinner together, and burdened our parents together.

 Kelly Belly aka K-Fox: The rational, even-tempered, lovable prankster! 

Kelly laughs hardest at her own jokes, and gives the best hugs a friend could ask for.

But her most impressive quality? Her dedication to unconditional love. She could care less about what you believe, and more about what you were doing for others. What could possibly make a better friend than that?



Alyse aka A-Stuck: A high-energy beauty queen who is adored by all!


I like to pretend that her comic relief and constant smiling doesn't rub off on me--but in every single way--it surely has.

Her positivity is contagious, and her style is irreparable. 

I've come to embrace the love she is constantly sharing with everyone; obviously because she is so wonderful, everyone wants a piece of her time!


I'm not sure where I'd be without these two amazing women in my life.  

We've taken different paths and don't see eachother very often, but our lives are forever intertwined.

 Beth Field: That once-in-a-lifetime, forever kind of friend.

It's funny how one person in a single summer can change your life forever. For me, this was Beth.

She has a deep soul and a wonderful smile; she's beautiful and her kind soul suits her so well.

Even though I see her only a couple of times a year (after a FOUR YEAR HIATUS!), time never seems to slow us down. We meet back up, just in time to laugh like there is no tomorrow. 

She truly is the wonderful piece of heaven that everyone deserves.


 Brittany aka Brie Boo: A beautiful mix of sass, intelligence and ingenuity.

 She's been around long enough to watch me grow, keep my secrets, and change my life.

Nearly all of our memories include endless laughter, late night chats, and new adventures.

You know those few people in your life who you HAVE to keep around, for the simple fact that they know way too much about you? Because the potential of blackmail is too strong of a force to ignore?... just kidding--but really. She's my lifelong rock.

Colette & Katie aka The Mackinaw Crew: 

 What may or may not have been the culmination of summertime freedom, a trip to Mackinaw Island secured these girl's places in my heart forever.


Colette aka The Republican: The only Conservative for which I can testify a deep-seeded love for humanity.

She has a knack for politics, and why not? She's an excellent example of a true people-person

Beyond her dedication to public service, she actually cares about her hometown, and by God--she is PASSIONATE.   

If I'm ever forced to cast my vote for a Conservative, I'll hands down give my public support to Colette. She has won over my heart, time and time again.


Katie Love aka Springer: If you ask me where she got her nickname, I'd have to take you back to a time--long, long ago.

 It's a place where we were young, in love with basketball, and still cut our own bangs. A place you may or may not want to go...

Her ability to blend so well is what makes her so unique. She can make herself comfortable in the most random of places; and it suites me so well to have her train me in this art. 


Probs less awkward at a Bar Mitzvah than Lenny Kravitz... 

Not to mention her incredible ability to make you feel like the only person in the whole wide world. Need an uplift? This lady speaks the language of happiness.


You wouldn't believe the happiness that these two bring to my life. I consider myself lucky to have such wonderful influences in my life.
Meghan Marriott: A heart so big, everyone could fit in it!

Geesh, where can I begin with this lovely woman? She has a mindset of peace and love; and she is determined to spread this ideology to the rest of the world.

As a first-year MSU student, we witnessed the ups and downs associated with living life 'independently'. 

What we really learned: all food can be cooked in a microwave, that 10-page papers should be written at least 24 hours prior to their due-date, political discourse can ignite a passion within even the most timid of people, and that no matter what--life in transition is always easier with a piece of home by your side through it all.

The most exciting part? I just got to witness the biggest transition of her life yet--getting married to the love of her life! I adore them both, and it makes me entirely too happy to see two souls become one.


Stacy Surato aka Priesman: Teacher, mentor, advocate, and above all--inspiration!

What began as a team sport, spawned the creation of a fascinatingly entertaining friendship... 

We embarked on a journey that included: Vagina Monologuing, Special Olympics, Interact, Olive Garden dates, dating advice, and life lessons

She is the primary reason I fell in love with Feminism and gender rights.

Yet, of all the things Priesman has helped me to become, I believe she taught us all to change the world.  


An ode to the rest: You've filled my life with love and laughter.

I've come to recognize that paths may diverge, views will change, and we will grow older.

But for every moment, every memory that we have shared---I've taken a piece of you with me; and that is something that will never change. 

Thanks for everything. 

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